May 29, 2023

Launch of Professor Petros J. Pararas΄ recent book entitled RES PUBLICA III.

Publication of the new book Res Publica III – Liberal Democracy – Withdrawal of the Rule of Law in Europe, 521 pages, Sakkoula publications, Athens-Thessaloniki, 2023.

The volumes Res Publica I – The Rule of Law – Organization and Functioning of the Constitutional State and Res Publica II – Human Rights – The European Dimension, both 2014, have already been released.

res publica IIΙ_exofillo periexomena

Founded in 2005, The International Centre on Human Rights – LIBERTAS – is a non-profit organization located in Athens which organizes annually a Conference regarding Human Rights with considerable participation of distinctive scientists including among others law professors, judges, and politicians.

"LIBERTAS Centre" holds the initiative right to publish and distribute every year the Volume “L’ Annuaire International des droits de l’Homme”, which contains: interventions, jurisprudences, studies and bibliographies from each Congress which has been organized (ed. Ant. N. Sakkoulas and Bruylant).

In conclusion, LIBERTAS CENTRE publishes the quarterly legal magazine “Revue Hellénique des Droits de l’Homme” including legal articles as well as studies from other scientific areas, which cover topics related to Human Rights (ed. Ant. N. Sakkoulas and Bruylant).